Up and Coming Runs

All runs are on Mondays meet at 19.30 for 19.40ish start (unless stated).

All directions/ timings start from Patcham roundabout A23/A27 junction (unless stated).

Rate pubs after run.

24/01/2022 2241 The Partridge Partridge Green Wilds Thing
Directions: A23 North to A281 through Henfield. Left onto Partridge Green Rd/B2116. Pub on right after 1 mile. Est 25 mins.
Post Code: RH13 8WD
New start time of 19:00
31/01/2022 2242 The Sportsman Pub Withdean Pondweed
Directions: A23 south 3/4 mile turn right to Withdean Stadium. 2 mins
Post Code: BN1 5JD
New start time of 19:00; Late Australian Day Fancy Dress Run!
07/02/2022 2243 unknown unknown Mudlark
14/02/2022 2244 unknown unknown Bo Peep
Lewes area tbc
21/02/2022 2245 unknown unknown T-Bone
28/02/2022 2246 unknown unknown Off With Her Head and Angel

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